Beyond Text – 4 week course in Experimental Poetry

What would happen if you just cut all the words out from a random page in a book you found leaving only the ones that resonate with you? What would happen if you didn’t use the language you know to write your poem, but create a language of your own based on the shapes of […]

Conversation with George Newson 07.03

How do you start a conversation with someone who has life so rich no time in the world could cover it all? For our very first edition of the ‘Conversations with…’ series, we invited the star of avant-garde British music and a photographer, George Newson to talk to composer and one of his models, John […]

The Grand Experts: Emre Araci 02.03

If there was one person living in The Grand who should have been born at heights of its fame and glory it would be Dr Emre Araci, composer and music historian, but most importantly, the author of ‘The Grand Revisited’ – the only completed 20th century history of our mesmerising building. In our first Grand […]

Salome Quartet 26.02

We’re often asked how we ended up curating The Green Room and as Gravel answered simply: because of Salome Quartet. Not many know that at the beginning we almost ended up in a different Grand, one that provokes Marmite-like reactions. Cementa’s first love was the magnificently ugly ship-shaped shape-shifting Grand…Burstin. It was only when she […]

Creative Writing Workshop: Flash Fiction 21.02

Heart weeps. Head tries to help heart. Head tells heart how it is, again: You will lose the ones you love.  They will all go.  But even the earth will go, someday. Heart feels better, then. But the words of head do not remain long in the ears of heart. Heart is so new to […]


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