Conversation with George Newson 07.03

How do you start a conversation with someone who has life so rich no time in the world could cover it all?

For our very first edition of the ‘Conversations with…’ series, we invited the star of avant-garde British music and a photographer, George Newson to talk to composer and one of his models, John Woolrich about Newson’s incredible adventures in the UK and America.

George Newson is celebrating his 91st birthdays this year yet he might as well be 61. He shared his memories in such vivid detail that for an hour it felt like we were all there with him, experimenting with different sounds and dancing with John Cage.

George Newson talked about his incredibly successful career in photography. having over 50 photographs of some of the biggest composers and poets displayed in the National Portrait Gallery, London. He brought some prints with him and audience was encouraged to take a closer look at them.

Between the stories, we listened to Newson’s pieces, all of which struck us with impressive diversity. Newson finds beauty in everyday life which he translates into sounds. He’s currently working on some new pieces we’re hoping to share with you at the end of the year in The Green Room, celebrating another massively prolific guest in our beautiful space.


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